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Visual Field Testing and OACP, CAF, OFAI Testing

Leverage our advanced Zeiss Humphrey Field Analyzer 840 for various visual field tests, crucial for diverse licensing and medical evaluations, compliant with Ontario’s regulations. Our testing covers Ministry of Transportation requirements for multiple license classes, Medical Waiver program evaluations, and essential glaucoma screening and monitoring. Extending to OACP, CAF, and OFAI vision assessments, we provide comprehensive testing, including eye alignment, colour and 3D vision evaluations, peripheral vision analysis, and ocular disease screening. In case refractive surgery is necessitated to meet vision standards, we coordinate the procedure and oversee post-operative care.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is visual field testing important?

It helps in the early detection of eye conditions like glaucoma and is vital for specific licensing requirements.

How often should I have visual field testing done?

Frequency is determined by your optometrist based on your eye health and other factors.

Does insurance cover visual field testing?

Coverage varies; it’s advisable to check with your insurance provider or our office for details.