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Most of us have experienced computer eye strain at some point. As our world becomes more technological, our eyes are met with new and increasing demands. Workplace ergonomics, proper lighting, filters, and appropriate glasses and lens treatments can help reduce computer eye strain

Computer Glasses

If you work in an environment with multiple screens or if your work involves looking at fine print, ask about special workplace lenses that fit your individual needs. This might be a designated pair of glasses just for that particular environment. Some people have to work on their computer while looking at paperwork. The prescription you need for your computer might not be the same as the prescription you need for the paperwork. In this case, you would benefit from a unique dual lens design. Frame selection also matters for this because having a shallow frame might not give you enough room on the lens for all the powers you may need. The fun part is that because these glasses are just for the desk, you can venture into the more funky frame styles if you typically wear something more neutral for everyday use.

Blue Light Filters

Some people are used to working with a blue filter and feel a decreased sense of eye strain because of it. Blue filters can come as a coating on your lenses – this may make your lenses look slightly yellow. In other cases, the lenses have the blue light filtering material embedded right in the lens. This will keep your lenses more clear looking. Studies on blue light filters are ongoing and at this point there is no scientific evidence that blue light filters actually help with digital eye strain. However, if they help you with your eyes during screen time, go for it! It is inexpensive to try as an add-on for your next pair of glasses.

Dry Eyes

When you’re on the computer, it’s natural for your eyes to blink half as much as normal.  You’re also not pumping the meibomian glands in your lids when you don’t blink as much. The meibomian glands are important for spreading oils across the surface of your eyes. Without oils, you have extra-watery eyes, which can cause a burning sensation. This is why it’s important to take breaks from the computer and blink more. You may also need a drop to help replenish the oils. Here at Durham Vision Care, we sell i-Drop MGD that supplies just the right amount of oils without any added preservatives.

Be aware that most of your digital eye strain is most likely from being on screens for too long. It could also be from not wearing the appropriate prescription correction needed for that device. This is why it is important for children to get their eyes tested early to make sure they are reading and learning comfortably.

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