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Face shapes with glasses

Frame Shapes for Different Face Shapes

Face Shapes

One of the most exciting parts of getting your new prescription is getting to pick new glasses. Frame selection is an important choice to make as most people only replace glasses once a year. When looking for a frame shape that best fits each face, we tend to look at the face shape. We look at  the forehead, the cheekbones, the length of face and the width of the jawline. It can be a little bit tricky trying to determine your own face shape. There are generally seven face shapes to keep in mind:

  • Oval: A longer face that is the same width throughout, with a rounder chin and jawline.
  • Round: A shorter face with a fairly equal distance from forehead to cheekbones to jawline.
  • Square: A mostly symmetrically sized face from forehead to cheekbones to jawline, but with a prominent, sharp jawline.
  • Diamond: A longer face that is narrower at the forehead and chin with wider, high, and prominent cheekbones.
  • Triangle: A face with a very prominent jawline with a narrower forehead.
  • Heart: A longer face with a wider forehead that gets more angular towards the chin.
  • Oblong or rectangle: A hybrid between oval and square. Generally longer face with angular edges at the jawline.

Frame Selection

When picking frames, face shape can really help determine styles that look great on you! The easiest thing to remember is that opposites attract. We tend to recommend opposite frame features to balance out face shape.

  • Oval: Any style tends to work will with oval faces due to their balance in features.
  • Round: A square style to create angles.
  • Square: A round style to soften angles.
  • Diamond: Any shallow ovals, geometrics & rectangles, these tend to be funkier shapes.
  • Triangle: A square style to balance the jaw.
  • Heart: A style that is round at top and square at bottom.
  • Oblong or rectangle: A round or square style will soften face shape.

These are great starting points, especially for first time glasses wearers. Having an idea of the various frames shapes for different face shapes will make the frame selection process easier and less stressful. Of course, these are just general guidelines and personal preference is also important. So, have fun with frame selection and finding the best frame for you! 

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