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What is 20/20 Vision?

By January 10, 2020February 21st, 2022No Comments

Eye doctor at Durham Vision Care in Oshawa Ontario pointing to eye chart in Whitby

Now that 2020 is here, you’re probably hearing a lot about 20/20 vision! 2020 is the year of the optometrist, but what exactly is 20/20 vision?

20/20 vision is essentially being able to see what you should see from 20 feet away. So, if you can see what a person with normal vision sees 20 feet ahead of you, then you have 20/20 vision! It is the gold standard in vision care and optometry. What about seeing better than 20/20? It’s certainly possible, but not without giving up some of the wonderfully balanced aspects of your vision.

Many people do not have 20/20 vision. They may not even realize that their vision isn’t quite what it should be. Many people have 20/40, 20/80, and even 20/200 vision. This means that the person can only see letters that are 2x, 4x or even 10x the size of what they should be able to see! Also, each eye can have different levels of vision. This is part of the reason why eye exams are so important. We can help detect visual inaccuracies that you may not know you have, in addition to completing a full check up on the health of your eye.

This year let us help you see 2020!

Written By: Rebecca

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